Membership Benefits

    We're glad you're considering membership in the Public Relations Council of Alabama. We are Alabama's largest organization of public relations practitioners and communicators. If you do any communications-related activities with a private business, government agency or nonprofit organization, you should be a member.

    Regional Network of Professionals

    PRCA is the state's longest operating and largest group of public relations practitioners. Our statewide organization - more than 500 members in six chapters - joins with members of sister organizations in Louisiana, Mississippi and northwest Florida to form the 900-plus-member Southern Public Relations Federation (SPRF).

    Our professional chapters are available in six metropolitan areas: Auburn/Opelika, Birmingham, Huntsville, Mobile, Montgomery, and Tuscaloosa. Professional chapters also support the efforts of student chapters at colleges and universities in each area.

    Member Benefits

    Being a member of PRCA offers many professional and personal benefits. Just a few include:

    • Professional development through monthly chapter meetings, state workshops, annual state and regional conferences

    • Monthly newsletter and association website highlighting local and state activities, members making news and industry trends

    • Networking at PRCA events or through the use of the password-protected state PRCA online membership directory

    • Recognition for professional endeavors through chapter awards, the PRCA Medallion Awards program and SPRF Lantern Awards program

    • Leadership at either the chapter or state level through various appointed committee positions or elected board positions

    • Accreditation through a national program to recognize the best public relations practitioners in our profession, recognized by the "accredited public relations" practitioner (APR) designation.



    The Public Relations Council of Alabama (PRCA) has six local chapters: PRCA Birmingham (PRCA-B), PRCA East Alabama (PRCAEA), PRCA MobilePRCA MontgomeryPRCA North Alabama (NAPRCA) and PRCA West Alabama (PRCAWA). You must identify with one of these chapters to be a member of PRCA.


    There are four PRCA membership categories. Chapter Boards review each membership application to determine if applicants are qualified, based on the criteria below.  

    Active membership is open to anyone who is a full-time public relations practitioner, or someone who is exercising full responsibility for his or her employer's public relations activities and spending at least 50% of work time performing communication duties. Active membership is also open to members of the academic community who provide instruction and/or engage in research in the field of public relations.

    Associate membership is open to those who do not meet the criteria for active membership status. Applicable to vendors who benefit from the ability to network with public relations practitioners. Local chapters have the right to review Associate membership requests and reject them based on local policy.

    Sustaining membership is reserved for those who are currently and actively retired but were previously a full-time public relations practitioner.

    Student membership is open to any full-time college student interested in a career in public relations, communications or related major. Students should join through their college or university chapter where one is established. Students without a student chapter option may join the local professional organization directly and may still enter Student Medallion Awards.

    *A fifth membership category is reserved for charter members of a brand new chapter


    Membership in PRCA is based on a calendar year. New members pay the current dues rate plus a $15 app fee. All memberships end December 31 and must be renewed for the following year. Dues are prorated quarterly:

    January-March 100%
    April-June 75%
    July-September 50%
    October-December 25%


    Each chapter offers a prepaid package that allows you to prepay for monthly meetings and associated meals. These are at varied, prorated rates depending on local needs. If you select this option, we will include the meal package price in your invoice once your application is approved.


    If you change jobs or move to another PRCA chapter, your membership moves with you.


    If you have a question about membership or PRCA, you can contact us at