Student of the Year Award

    Michael K. Simmons Student of the Year Award

    The 2017 Michael K. Simmons Student of the Year competition is closed. It will reopen later in 2017 for the 2018 year. Late submissions or submissions in the wrong file format will be disqualified. There is no entry fee for the Student of the Year award entries.

    Judge #: __________                          

    Student Name:_____________________________________ 


    1. Student must be enrolled full-time in an institution of higher learning

    2. Student must be an active member of PRCA student chapter

    3. As of August (1 year prior to competition year), student must have completed enough accredited course hours to be classified as a junior in public relations or related course of study

    4. Student must have overall GPA of 2.5 on 4.0 scale or 2.0 on 3.0 scale. In major course work student must have at least a 3.0 on a 4.0 scale or 2.25 on 3.0 scale

    Supporting Material

    (15 possible points) __________

    1. A letter of reference from faculty advisor stating GPA and classification

    2. A digital color or black & white photo of nominee

    3. One-page resume detailing educational background with list of communication course work and public relations work or internship experience

    4. Optional – a maximum of 2 additional letters of reference (preferably from nominee’s chapter and a public relations professional knowledgeable about nominee’s ability)

    Community Service

    (15 possible points) __________

    1. One-page summary should list nominee’s participation in organizations and events (nominee should be specific about involvement)

    2. Optional – one example may be included in this section that demonstrates the results of the nominee’s work with group or event (ex: letter of recognition, materials)

    3. Additional materials should be removed from portfolio and not judged.

    Campus Activities

    (15 possible points) __________

    1. One-page summary should list nominee’s involvement in campus organizations and activities.

    2. Summary should include nominee’s memberships, officer positions, activities, recognition and awards. PRCA activities should be included in this portion of entry. Summary should document the nominee’s involvement and results of work.

    3. One example of PRCA involvement must be included in this section (ex: letter of recognition, materials, articles from newsletter or school newspaper, etc.)

    4. Optional – one example of campus involvement other than PRCA (ex: letter of recognition, materials resulting from nominee’s work, etc.)

    5. Additional materials should be removed from portfolio and not judged.

    Work Examples

    (30 total possible points)

    Public Relations Planning

    (20 points) _________

    1. One sample of a short- or long-term public relations plan developed by nominee

    Media Relations, Collateral, Other Print or Broadcast Materials 

    (10 points) _________

    1. One sample to demonstrate range and quality of nominee’s work (news/feature story, radio or TV

    2. PSA, brochures, newsletters, direct mail piece, logo, video or audio script, etc.)

    Understanding of PR/Future Contributions to Communications Field

    (25 points) _________

    1. Essay of nominee’s thoughts on the “evolving role of communication arts in the workplace.”

    2. Essay should not exceed two double-spaced standard pages or points should be deducted.