Student Chapter of the Year Award

    Bettie W. Hudgens Student Chapter of the Year Award

    The Bettie W. Hudgens Student Chapter of the Year competition is now closed. It will reopen in late 2017 for the 2018 competiton year.  Late submissions or submissions in the wrong file format will be disqualified. There is no entry fee for the Student Chapter award entries.

    Entries should be clearly labeled in your email – Student Chapter of the Year Competition.

    Although this section is not required, PRCA encourages each chapter to enter the chapter of the year competition. The tangible benefits of compiling your entry: a report that captures your chapter’s progress and documents the past year’s activities and growth. The tangible benefits of winning: A check for $250, a plaque, and professional recognition.

    Chapter of the Year Criteria

    Each chapter will submit a “chapter yearbook.” This should be in the form of a single PDF file. The entry must be organized according to the following judging criteria:

    I. PRCA Student Chapter Annual Report

    In the front of each chapter book please include the completed form titled “PRCA Student Chapter Annual Report” that is attached below. If you do not include the Student Chapter Annual Report form, the judges will deduct 10 points from your overall score. You must follow the chapter annual report form format exactly if you do not use the original form provided in this packet.

    II. Chapter Programs (35 possible points)

    You must limit the following to a one-page per meeting summary that includes both A & B:

    A. Speakers and/or program topics for regular meetings during the year (for each program, briefly explain what was presented or what members learned during that program).

    B. List the average percentage of members attending regular meetings (members must be paid members who are enrolled as full-time students during the course of the school year – for instance, Fall 2012 to May/June 2013).


    1. XYZ University student chapter membership is 25.

    2. XYZ University has 5 regular meetings per year.

    3. The members attending each meeting are – 18, 22, 21, 15, 25 (total = 101), which gives the student chapter an average attendance of 20.2 (101 divided by 5).

    4. Average Percentage = 80.8 (20.2 divided by 25).

    Supporting materials for your summaries may include photos, copy of handouts, meeting agenda, speaker bios, or any other pertinent materials.

    You are allowed no more than eight (8) pages of supporting materials in this entire section.

    III. Chapter Membership (15 possible points)

    A. List the number of members at the end of Current Spring classes. Compare the number above with the membership at the end of Last Spring. What was the percentage increase or decrease?

    B. How many members have participated in at least one project?

    C. How many members have attended at least 50 percent of regular meetings?

    IV. Chapter Projects (35 possible points)

    A. List all special projects completed by your chapter (For instance, beginning Fall 2000 to end of Spring 2001). Projects should be classified and organized as follows:

    1. PR Assistance to Business Community

    2. PR Assistance to Campus

    3. PR Assistance to Community and Nonprofit Organizations

    4. Other Community Service

    5. PR Projects not falling into categories 1 – 4 above

    B. For each project provide the following information:

    1. How many members were actively involved?

    2. What were the objectives for the project?

    3. What were the results of the project? (How well were objectives met?)

    4. Total project summary information should be no more than ten (10) pages.

    Supporting materials for your project summaries may include correspondence about the project, recognition from the organization concerning the project, materials produced for the project, etc.

    You are allowed supporting materials for the three (3) projects you consider the best examples of your work. Supporting materials for each project should be limited to no more than five (5) examples per project.

    V. Interaction with Sponsoring Chapter and State Organization (10 possible points)

    A. List members who attended events hosted by the sponsoring chapter. List the members who attended monthly meetings and how often they attended. List members who attended special programs like workshops, etc.

    B. List the number of members who attended last year’s PRCA State Conference.

    C. List the members who attended any state or SPRF sponsored workshops.

    This section should be limited to no more than three (3) pages.

    VI. Chapter Communication – Internal and External (5 possible points)

    In a summary paragraph answer the following:

    A. How do you communicate with members and how frequently?

    B. How do you communicate with your external publics (ex: sponsor chapter, campus government, academic department, other students)?

    C. How do you assess the effectiveness of your communication activities?

    Supporting materials may include recruitment handouts, newsletters, articles submitted to other organization newsletters, correspondence, etc.

    Your supporting materials should be restricted to no more than five (5) pages.

    VII. Chapter Recognition (5 possible points)

    A. List honors/special recognition received by the student chapter

    B. List honors/special recognition received by members for public relations activities

    Please restrict this section to no more than three (3) pages.

    Bettie Hudgens Student Chapter of the Year Award Judging Sheet

    Note: Judges’ comments are shared with the student chapters to help them to grow and improve.

    Judge #_______                                        Chapter: __________________________________________

    I. Chapter Annual Report supplied: _____ Yes _____ No

    II. Chapter Programs (35 points possible) _____________

    (Speaker/program topic relevance; average percentage of membership attending)

    Judges’ Comments: 

    III. Chapter Membership (10 points possible) ____________

    (Current Spring compared with Previous Spring; percentage increase/decrease; how many have participated in at least one project; how many have attended at least 50% of meetings)

    Judges’ Comments:



    IV. Chapter Projects (35 points possible) _____________

    (PR Assistance to Business Community/to Campus/to Community & Non-profit/other community service/any not falling into above; How many members involved; objectives of project; results of project)

    Judges’ Comments:



    V. Interaction with Sponsoring Chapter and State Organization (10 points possible) ____________

    (Members who attended professional chapter events; members who attend monthly professional chapter monthly meetings; number of members who attended previous year’s state conference; members who attend any state or SPRF workshops)

    Judges’ Comments:



    VI. Chapter Communication – Internal and External (5 points possible) _____________

    (How do you communicate and how frequently with members; external publics; how do you assess effectiveness?)

    Judges’ Comments:



    VII. Chapter Recognition (5 points possible) ____________

    (Honors/special recognition received by student chapter; honors/special recognition received by members)

    Judges’ Comments:



    PRCA Student Chapter Annual Report

    Each Student Chapter must submit this page of the annual report to the PRCA State Vice President for Students. Check for correct address and deadline.

    Chapters are encouraged, but not required, to enter the Student Chapter of the Year Competition by completing a chapter yearbook and sending it with the annual report form. The winning chapter will receive a check for $250, a plaque, and be recognized at the annual state PRCA Conference.

    Name of Student Chapter (to include school name):

    Chapter Officers 
    (Name, position, address & phone number of each – use separate sheet if necessary):


    Faculty Advisor (Name, address, phone number & email if available):


    Professional Advisor (Name, address, and phone number of liaison with professional chapter):


    Chapter Meeting Schedule (Day(s) of month, time and place):


    Time of Year officers are elected: